Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Shirt/ Bleached Vintage. Slip/borrowed. Shoes/T.U.K.(Pretending to be a skater.)

So I've been taking care of my great grandma so far this week until the 10th. I have the 4th off which is cool though. Taking care of her really isn't that difficult, so I am mostly just on the computer or watching movies with her. But of course I am still taking care of her, I make her food a drive her to and from the senior center. (She's 98.. Btw) Anyway since I've been on the computer a lot I have been looking at a lot of different fashion blogs and just doing some fashion "research" and its really been fun. I went on a little shopping spree last night because I finally got my pay check!

LimeCrime Centrifuchsia Lipstick

Dimepiece Babygirl crop top

Sway Chic Trippy Dress

LimeCrime Mint Lipstick

Lusting over these.. Wish I could buy them!

O-Mighty Lisa Skirt

House of Harlow Glasses

90s shoes on ETSY

Motel Rocks Iris Step Hem Dress

Mayview Platform Shoe

On a Musical Note: An Oldie but Goodie! Hot Chip- Over and Over. Love the music video, love the song. Brings me back to freshmen year of High school.

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