Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday is Funday

Dress/ St Cyr Vintage, Shoes/ Y.R.U., Jacket/ Bleached Vintage

Happy monday everyone. I have a little over three weeks left in this term, and I am so excited to go home for easter break, how ever this week is crunch week. I have so much shit to do and I'm bugging out a little bit. I've done a lot of work but I just don't feel like its enough yet, so I am really going to hustle this week. Today we had 10 minutes of sunshine, and then it became really grey, but it was kind of warm (warm being 57 degrees). This dress I got in this really wonderful vintage store called St. Cyr Vintage in the Camden Market. I went there while my mom was still in town and we ended up getting lost in the market (as always) and we stumbled across this store. Everything was really well organized, and each article of clothing was arranged by size which was cool and frustrating. I saw frustrating because out of all the beautiful clothing there were only four things in my size. This dress was one of the four things, and thank god, because its soo cute. I made this coat a year ago, and it isn't really warm enough for London, but since today was kind of warm I got away with wearing it. These shoes are Y.R.U. and I find they are the most fun to wear, but I still really want to customize them. We'll see what happens.

I had a conversation with a woman on the tube yesterday. I complemented her coat, because it was bright pink, and really cute, and it is very rare to see an older woman wearing something colorful in London, especially on a rainy dreary day. She went on to day she liked what I was wearing and then we talked about how people give people wearing colors weird looks because everyone always wears black of grey. She went on to ask me if I was a student and what I did, and I asked her what she did. She does IT but she loves music and plays the piano and cello. it doesn't sound like much of a conversation, but it really made me feel good. People usually glare at me for wearing the stuff I wear, and it doesn't really bother me, but it does make it hard to talk to people. The fact that she wanted to talk to me, made me feel really nice. People never talk on the tube.. They should.

Music-I know I already posted Chela, but I mean come on, this is a great song.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wildwood Flower

Dress/ Meow Vintage, Jacket/ Omaya Vintage, Scarf/ H&M, Shoes/ Dr. Martens, Jewelry/ Vinca

These are the earrings I wrote about in the last post. I really love the way these look. I am a sucker for colorful plastic jewelry... and unicorns... It's actually kind of funny, unicorns used to freak me out. I was legitimately afraid of unicorns and then one day I saw a really colorful painted portrait of a unicorn and I couldn't stop laughing. Ever since then, I've been into unicorns. Once again, I got these earrings from Vinca USA. They are really awesome, PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT (Here.)! My dress is from Meow Vintage in Long Beach. When I was in high school I was super into 60s vintage, and I used to drive all the way down to Long Beach to go shopping. On 4th street in Long Beach, they have a huge variety of really awesome vintage stores. It's a bit pricey, but if you want quality vintage clothing, it's worth a trip. Vintage clothing is always better by the beach. This jacket I just recently got at Omaya Vintage in Paris. That shop was really awesome and it had really great prices, I walked away with this beauty for under 20 euros.

I went blonde, but I ran out of bleach so my hair still has some pink in it, but I think I might leave it that way. I think it looks kind of interesting. We'll see..

Music- I haven't actively been looking for new music like I usually do, so I don't really have any new songs to post, but I'll play an oldie but goody that has been in my mind lately.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Under Construction

Rings/ Vinca, Shirt/ Sun Thrift, Shorts/ Omaya, Shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell

How cute are these rings? I got a lovely gift basket from Vinca. Vinca is this cool new jewelry company in the US and they make really awesome rings earrings and necklaces, they even make custom jewelry. Check out their site here. I got these shorts from a vintage store in Paris called Omaya. It was a really cool place and everything was pretty cheap. I needed some new pink things and a saw these shorts and had to snag them, they are a little big, so I might take them in a bit. I have been super into turtle necks lately, so this shirt was a necessity for today.

I am getting really frustrated with the weather lately (all winter) because I am not used to having seasons, and my wardrobe is not equipt to handle it. There are all these things I want to wear, but its to fucking cold. I'm so over it. WINTER LEAVE ME ALONE!

Music- Everyone Wants to Rule the World.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dancing Anymore

Dress/ Sun Thrift, Shirt/ Uniqlo, Shoes/ Dr. Martens

This look was captured in a Disney Hotel in Paris. For my 21st Birthday my mom got me a ticket to go to Disneyland Paris with her, and being a disney freak I was too down for it. We got into Paris on friday and hung around disney village and then called it an early night. This look was from saturday when we took the metro into the city and did horrible touristy stuff which wasn't horrible at all (minus the weather!). We went to du Louvre, and saw the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo, amongst other things. We went to the Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées and finished the night atop the Eiffel Tower. Sunday was all Disney and all fun. It's a lot different then the one in LA, but I think I like the one in LA more. One thing I found out this weekend, it sucks to be a Vegetarian in Paris. Today we went to this cool vintage store called Omaya, which I definitely recommend going to, everything is really cheap and they have really cool stuff. We also went to Pont des Arts and Notre Dame. Shortly after we went to the airport to return home to London.

I wanted to post this on saturday night, but the internet at our hotel was lousy, so I'm settling for today. I try to post as often as possible, but as of late its been really difficult. If you follow me on instagram you will get to see all my activities when I'm not posting on this blog. Check it out: Flourshur.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ironic Sportswear

Jacket/ East End Vintage, Shirt/ Unif, Beanie/ Los Angeles Nobody, Shoes/ Adidas.

So I have 3 things to say today:


These pictures were taken by my friend Elise for a school project. She is writing about Ironic sportswear so I had to break out my Adidas sandals. Man it was not the right decision.. It was pouring rain all day, my feet got soaked, and everyone I passed gave me a weird look. I don't blame them though, I thought it was actually really funny.


I am going to Paris tomorrow with my mom and I am so excited! We are planning to go to Paris Disneyland and I am so excited because My family and I are obsessed with Disney.


I just found out about this music artist Chela, and I am obsessed. She is an Australian babe who dresses so cool and sings even better. I am going to post some of her songs, so you guys can check her out. I think she is really fucking cool. Check out her facebook page here.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brother Bryan

Dress/ My mothers, Shirt/ Sinister Clothing, Shoes/ Dr. Martens, Coat/ Portabello Market.

I got my sewing machine fixed today, thank god! I have been thinking a lot the past couple of weeks of opening up an etsy store. I used to have one called Bleached Vintage, but I didn't really feel good about it because I didn't like what I was selling and I didn't really know how to go about selling things. This time, I want to do it properly. I have some really cool designs drawn up, and I am going to get a beginners silkscreen so I can make custom fabrics and I'll sell those. I'm pretty excited about it actually. I'm not sure if I want to be back on etsy though, I might look into big cartel. We'll see. What are your guyz thoughts?

Music-Waxahatchee, Brother Bryan

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