Friday, May 31, 2013


This dress was my mothers, and I took it from her when I was in high school. I think I wore it so much that it kind of became mine more than hers.. She hasn't asked for it back, and she always says that I look cute in it. My hair is kind of messy because our water heater broke, so I didn't get to wash my hair, because the water is to cold to take a long shower. Hopefully that will get fixed soon. I have a velvet cheetah print shirt tied around my waist, that I got up in Oakland. I honestly can't remember where in Oakland, but I was pretty sure it was up there somewhere. The shoes I am wearing are from Sun Thrift, A great find from my friend Lauren. These shoes help me channel my inner club kid.

For those of you who don't know, I am obsessed with club kids. The high shoes, the music, the club scene, EVERYTHING. When I was little my dad showed me the Shockumentary Party Monster about Michael Alig and the Murder that he committed. I remember being pretty horrified about the Murder part, but I remember seeing all the party sequences and just wishing I was there, everyone looked so cool and over the top. I wish the club scene was still like that. Having said that, I'm not a fan of all the drug use. Despite what people who know me think, I am not really big on drugs. I think its something that almost everyone trys to see if they like it, but I got out of that phase, and I'm glad. When the movie Party Monster came out staring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green, I was obsessed. A lot of people think that the acting is dreadful, but after seeing the shockumentary, you might think differently.

On a Musical note: In honor of their new album release: Disclosure, Latch.

Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith (Official Video) from Dan Stafford-Clark on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So I finally got these shoes! I saved up for like 2 weeks, and It would have taken me longer to save up, but I actually sold some shirts in the past week, so that brought in some extra money. I got them Memorial day weekend, so there was a 30% off deal which just made it that much better. They came in the mail on Tuesday (yesterday) and I was so stoked, I really wanted to wear them right away, but they smelt soooo bad. It was weird how bad they smelled. It smelt like food that has been smoked mixed with burning rubber. I scrubbed them with soap and water, and they still smelled just as bad, so I left them outside for the rest of the day and night. This morning they still kind of smelled but, I wore them anyway. Despite the smell, They are really comfortable, and cute. They are 4 inches tall, so that makes me like 6'1. Today I was taller then everyone passed. Normally that kind of bothers me, but not today! I am a sucker for platforms, even though I am already pretty tall. My leggings are actually something I stole from my moms closet, and just never gave back. She has definitely noticed their disappearance, but hasn't really said anything other then "Hey! Those are mine!" The shirt is something that I found at Sun Thrift in the Winter. It was designed for a large woman, but I took in the sides and the bottom to make it into a small crop top. The sleeves turned out a bit wonky, but I think its okay. The necklace I got on TOBI, and its one of my favorites. I think has some really great deals on jewelry. I'm not really a big fan of the clothing they sell, but their jewelry is very cheap but the quality is very great. Also you can get something like 50% off your first purchase if you sign in with facebook, so thats pretty cool. I love wearing beanies, I got this one at Sport Chalet, for like 7 bucks, and I literally wear it like every day. I guess thats the part of Oakland that rubbed off on me. If you have never been to Oakland, go.. Its great.

Musical Note: Baauer, I wanted to post the song Swerve but for some reason I couldn't find it. Dum Dum

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Jacket DIY Camo Peace jacket. Thrift store white shirt. T.U.K. white creepers.

I am currently contemplating getting a tattoo on my arm. At first I was thinking of getting Fearless because I feel like I do live in fear a lot, but I thought that I might look at that in a couple years and just think that it was stupid. I feel kind of ify about word tattoos because I feel like I really like the way it looks when people have tattoos of sayings or phrases, but I feel like more often then not, whatever the phase says is just super lame. I am thinking now that I should get Love is all there is, or All you need is love. I really do feel like if everyone was loved at least once, they wouldn't have so many problems. People are complex, but I really do believe that Love is something that everyone needs. To love and to be loved is the most wonderful and the most awful feeling in the world. I feel that I have kind of a cynical view on life and love sometimes, so if I got this tattooed, it could just remind me to not be so cynical. It also isn't just a simple phrase, it was sung by The Beatles! I don't really know very many people who don't love The Beatles, so as I imagine this tattoo is very popular. I think if I can get something else out of these worlds, besides The Beatles sang it and I love The Beatles, then It doesn't really matter that it is really popular. It is unique on me, because I get something else out of it. Just a thought...

On a Musical Note: I am going to share the original Beatles song and then a scene from Across the Universe. I really loved that movie, and I think they re-did a lot of the Beatles songs beautifully. Having said that, I don't think they are as good as the originals, but they are good...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Close To Me

Vintage red chinese style dress from the goodwill in Oakland. The jacket is also from the goodwill in Oakland. It is a tiny checkered black and red plaid with embroidered indians riding horses. The hat is from Target, and the Shoes from Urban Outfitters.

Two days ago, I didn't really have much to do so I decided to look at Amanda Bynes Twitter account. I really don't think its her. I was talking to my friend Gino last month about it, because it appears that she has gone crazy because she is posting so many unflattering pictures and saying a lot of really weird things. He told me that he thinks it isn't really her. He thinks that someone kidnapped her and hacked her twitter account and is ruining her reputation. With that thought in mind I looked into it and I have to say that I think I am with him on this one. All the pictures she has been posting don't really look like her, or they are really out of focus. Most of them are bad cell phone pictures were she is either wearing sunglasses or the flash is blocking half of her face. She has some paparazzi pictures, but they are all of her blocking her face. I feel like if I walked around Hollywood or New York blocking my face, I would get the attention of the paparazzi. I want to see a professional photo shoot with her or a video interview.. Then I think I will be convinced that this girl on twitter is actually Amanda Bynes. Gino also told me that her lips look like she got collagen injections but they look like they are the same size as her old lips, so why would she get collagen injections to make her lips look the same size. She appears to have gotten a lot of plastic surgery, but she only mentioned that she got a nose job. I call Shenanigans. The shape of her face also changed, and It's not really from any weight gain. Also she couldn't board a plane a couple days ago because she didn't have any identification. She said it's because her licence got suspended, but wouldn't she have a passport, or a regular ID? The whole thing is pretty fishy. All that evidence to me, makes me believe that the girl on twitter isn't really her. However it kind of makes me wonder about where Amanda Bynes would actually be.. And why no one has spoken out about it. If I went missing my family and friends would be all over that. I don't know, I guess you could see how bored I actually was a couple days ago by this paragraph I just wrote.

My brother being silly wearing UNIF..

On a Musical note, The Cure <3

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today I am sporting a Nastygal white lace busties. I was lucky enough to get this gem on sale last december. I like it a lot, but I think it fits me kind of weird, I got it a cup size smaller and it still seems to be to big. LAME. I used fashion tape though, so there won't be any nip slips. The pants I am wearing were given to me by a dear friend of mine, before she moved to Thailand. They are kind of big for me, so I always safty pin them in the back, and cover it up with a belt. I do that a lot because sometimes I am just to lazy to take things in. I actually haven't sewn anything in a while. It's a weird feeling, but I just haven't really had the drive to do it. The shoes I am wearing, I am obsessed with. Apparently these aren't "real" creepers because they are T.U.K. creepers, but I still love them. Now incase you didn't get the attitude from that last sentence, I'll tell you the story about how I know these aren't "real". I went to London in September of last year, because I was going to move up there. While I was there I went to Camden Town, and I really wanted to get 20 eye docs, so this really cool looking guy pointed me in the direction of a cool boot store that sold some Dr Martens. When I walked in I was greeted by an employee and he asked what I was looking for, and I told him. He then was like, "Your shoes aren't real creepers you know." Taken back, I was like "..Yeah they are, they are T.U.K.'s-" He then said "T.U.K. didn't invent creepers, George Cox did, and everyone copies him. Real Creepers have white bottoms, they never break or get beat up because the soles of the shoes are cemented to the shoe. Have you herd on Vivian Westwood?" and I said "yes." "She and George Cox are revolutionary and everyone rips them off, you wouldn't wear fake Dr. Martens, would you?" "no.." "Then why are you wearing fake creepers?" At that point I didn't really know what to say, I was there to study fashion and he made me feel like I had no clue about shoes. I smiled and walked out of there... Way to loose a customer shit head. Even though the man said my shoes are fake and they are going to break or something, I don't care, I like the way they look, and I love the price that I got them for. So fuck you stupid face. The headband I am wearing actually belongs to my friend Lauren, and I just found it today, so I'm guessing she left it at my house. She glued flowers onto a spiked headband that she found on Ebay. She's very crafty.

These pictures are from my most recent roll of film, but unfortunately it took me a couple months to have the money to get the film developed so the events that the film has captured are from January/ February. The top picture is my good friend Arjun. I like the way it came out for some reason. The bottom picture is a picture of two Unicorns banging. Yeah... I went to visit one of my best friends Sahara in Oakland in february and she had this in her room... weirdo.

On a musical note: Groundislava, I have a crush on him. He's so cute haha.

TV DREAM ft. Clive Tanaka ◘ ᘐᖇ〇ᕰᘉᗪᓰᔕᒪᗩⅤᗩ from The Great Nordic Sword Fights on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I read a blog today, called Style Rookie, and wow. That girl is so fucking cool, she's still in high school and she got started when she was 11. Her blog is really popular, and it really makes sense. She writes so well, and the stuff she makes really just makes you feel good about yourself. I feel like often times my mind is thinking way to quickly for my body to really react, like somehow my brain is out of my head, seeing things that haven't happened yet. I am always so scrambled. I think the reason why I started this blog is to really feel better about myself, because everyone has those days, where they don't feel cool enough, or good enough, or just enough of something. I think its because we constantly place idol roles on people, so we are trying to live up to an expectation that we have of our selves, and when we don't live up to our own expectation it doesn't make us feel good. Everyone is just human, and it isn't really the best thing to do, to look up to people, because everyone is unique and special in many different ways. However I think this is just one of the many things that make us human, even though sometimes we can feel like we are loosing our minds, it's kind of beautiful. I'm not really sure if that makes sense.. But I was reading her blog, and I was so into her style and her whole I don't give a fuck attitude, and it made me kind of reflect on myself. I like to say (and think) That I don't really care what other people think about me, but sometimes I do care about the perception of others, and it doesn't materialize in the way that people think it would. I don't really care if people think that I am weird or anything, because I think being weird is really cool, and it makes you really interesting and somewhat fun. I guess the way I care about others perception is kind of like I want people to want to get to know me, because they think I am cool or something (or weird, who cares!) I want followers on my blog. Sometimes we crave attention, but I think there is positive and negative types, and believe me, I don't want any negative attention. If you don't like my style or the stuff I write about, guess what? You don't have to follow me, or even be friends with me.. The freedom of choice is yours. Another thing that The girl on Style Rookie talked about was how women are kind of perceived to be crazy, and she said its because they have characters in movies that are considered to be really strong characters because they use their sexuality to get what they want or get farther in the world, and they are very one dimensional. People in general are not one dimensional and I think women get really kind of mad at them selves for not being one dimensional, because we are more complicated then that. Human beings are crazy, so because women are human they are crazy. I thought it was such a good way of talking about a feminist concept. I have thought about that before, but I don't really think that I could really put it as nicely as she did. In my own experience, with fashion I think a lot of women are trying to be sexy to turn men on. So thats why when you go out to clubs, you see women wearing heels that they can't really walk in, super tiny skirts, and tight tops that show your tummy, even though its like, 50 degrees outside. I think it is kind of ingrained in our head, that we need to be sexy for the opposite sex (or whoever you are attracted too) and there is such a one sided view of what sexy is. When I go out, I put on stuff that I think looks sexy, and trust me, you wont see me in a fucking mini skirt without tights when its fucking 50 degrees outside...

These pictures are from January, we all went to a mask party in Hollywood, it was kind of lame, but the pictures are pretty alright.

On a musical note: dis song

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flower Crownz

What do you think of flower crowns? Personally I only really like to wear them at concerts or events, I don't really know why, because I really do love flowers. For some reason I cant exactly get myself to wear them unless I'm at a show. I made this flower crown to wear at Coachella this past year. I was inspired by a picture I saw on Dolls Kill. Page Ruth was wearing a purple flower crown that was made with really small purple flowers that were bunched together. I thought that looked so cute, and I rarely see flower crowns that use small flowers, so I decided to go for it. I am wearing an American Apparel Tan Tube dress, with and American Apparel black leotard underneath. I use to really like American Apparel a lot, but I think they are really over priced, but the quality of their clothing is really good, and it rarely rips. I have had this dress for like 4 years and it looks the same as when I bought it. The shall I am wearing I got from Sun Thrift, I am really obsessed with it. Pin, See Through and its covered in flowers? It has my vote. I also wore this at Coachella. Today I tied it around my waist to add more contrast to the dress. Since the dress it basically a tube, sometimes it looks kind of weird around my waist because it gets loose, so I usually belt it. Today however I decided to take a different approach and tie my top. The necklace I got from TOBI, their jewelry is at really great prices, and your first order is something like 50% off if you like their page on Facebook. That's a pretty good deal in my book. My shoes are Jeffrey Campbell platform oxfords are falling apart. I was planning on gluing them with shoe goo, but the cap somehow got glued to the tube, making it impossible to open... Just my luck. Despite that my shoes are broken, and I am to lazy to fix them, I wear them all the time, and I love them a lot. I am a sucker for Platform shoes..

The Shoes:
The Necklace:
The Dress:

Possible the best picture from Coachella.

Best friend from High school on da right and her cool new roommate!

Me and Lauren, at the night.

My pretty friends being not so pretty.

Lol, Gino.

On a Musical Note: I think I wanna post some Warpaint. This is my favorite song by them, beetles:

WARPAINT 'Beetles' from jlandgraph on Vimeo.