Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fuck It Dawg, Life's A Risk

Today was my brothers birthday, He turned 18! It's crazy he's so old now. Selfishly I am soo excited because I can take him to shows and clubs now. I feel kind of bad though because I don't really think he had very much fun. All we really did was have a dinner at a sushi restaurant with our family, which got pretty frustrating. I don't really know what it is, but sometimes being around family just gets to be to much. I think its because everyone feels the need to put in their two cents in my and my brothers lives and we just don't really want to hear it. I hope I never become that kind of person... My outfit today was really fun, I love how overalls are coming back into style. I always feel like a hick when I wear them though, but I think the ones I have are really cute. I am a sucker for corduroy, I found these beauties at the Rose Bowl swap meet in february, haven't really worn them that much, but there is no time like the present! The shirt I am wearing is from the shopping spree I was talking about in my last post. I got it on Nasty Gal, it was overpriced in my opinion, but I really do like it. My shoes are Dr. Marten nock offs. I usually hate knock offs, especially with shoes, because that is the one thing in fashion that I am a stickler about, but I love these shoes. I got them for 5 dollars at the GoodWill in Glendale. They were 5 dollars instead of 8 because one of the straps is broken, but they still function really well. The hat I made, I am going to sell hats similar to that soon on my etsy store, so I'll be sure to create a post about it soon. The heart shaped necklace I am wearing is actually my moms, I misplaced my Indigo necklace, and I am super bummed about it.. I hope I find it soon..

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We saw FIDLAR last night in China Town, and it was fucking tight, I love them. It was kind of a pre-birthday celebration for Ryan. (He isn't in any of the pictures for some reason...) If you haven't herd of FIDLAR, really check them out, they are sick.

On a Musical Note, I'll post some FIDLAR, because, why not?

FIDLAR - Oh from Ryan Baxley on Vimeo.

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