Monday, May 13, 2013

Pretty In Pink

Today I decided Pink was the color of the day. Im sure I have said before, I don't believe in choosing favorites because I think its unfair to choose one thing over everything, I love colors and they are all my favorite. I really do love pink a lot in particular. When I went to Coachella this year, everything I wore was pink. I think I like it a lot now because when I was younger I was a tomboy and despised everything that was pink. The shirt I am wearing is from SunThrift, its japanese style floral top. I love to wear it, but its hard to match with stuff that isn't pink. The shorts I made for myself, They are a Bleached Vintage Custom Order. I haven't put them on my site yet, but they will be up soon!The shoes I got a really long time ago at Urban Outfitters. I don't really like to shop there because I think it is pretty over prices for stuff that is very cheaply made and will not last longer than a year, but I found myself in there one day and these shoes called out to me. "I want to be on your feet!" They said. I had to... haha.. I know it might be kind of hard to see but the earrings I am wearing are from Topshop. I love Topshop, but it is always out of my price range. These earrings were about 30-40 US dollars, which is pricey, but at the time I purchased them, I had enough money. I don't have a lot of pictures today because of the light. I took my pictures at 2 O'clock and the sun just made the light really weird in all the pictures, these 2 are the only ones that came out okay.

On a Musical Note: Jessie Ware- Sweet Talk. This song is so qt.

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