Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things to come.

I got to say, UNIF is one of my favorite companies right now. I love almost everything that they release, and I really admire the creators, I think they really understand the market right now. Unfortunately I am broke almost all of the time.. So I can't really afford their stuff. But as soon as I get the extra dough, I'm definitely going to buy the first shoe up there. The Cross-Trainer Highs. I am really tall as it is (5'9), but platform shoes are my kryptonite. When I first saw the Cross-Trainers, I wasn't the biggest fan, because the tongue of the shoe is really puffy and big, but when I saw the Holographic ones, I was like... I need those. When they came out with the platform Cross-Trainers, it only furthered my desire for them. I love that really High platformed shoes are coming back in style, It reminds me of the club kids from the late 80s night life and club scene. Oh I wish I was alive back then... The last shoe in this picture is the UNIF Hellbounds. I've wanted then since they came out, but for some reason never got around to getting them. I think for me, since I don't have a lot of money, Those shoes kind of get pushed to the side, because they are so expensive, like I can either get those for almost 300 dollars or I get get 2 pairs of shoes that are equally as cool. Having said that, I really do love those shoes, and wish I had the money to purchase them. Someday I will be the proud owner of all those shoes.

These shoes I have also wanted for a really long time. Originally I wanted the Distressed Black version of them but again, never really got around to buying them. I think they look really cute on everyone that wears them. I really like the white ones with the white sole that are shown above. I think I like them more then the black ones because 1. They are less common, and 2. They are a lot cheaper. Cheap is good in my book. I am a little off and on with Jeffrey Campbell shoes, On one hand I feel like they knock off a lot of shoes from big name designers, and I don't really like that because I love when companies are original. However whenever I see their new collections I love almost every shoe that they come out with. I think this is one of the rare companies that can be on top of the fashion industry for kind of a long time. I don't know exactly when they started, but I remember when I herd of them first. I was 17, and thats when they began to be really popular. A few of their shoes were being sold in all the big retailers. Now if you go to most popular clothing websites, under the shoe section, Jeffrey Campbell has the majority of the shoes. I think they are only going to grow bigger. Being in fashion, thats all you can really hope for. Good for you Jeffrey Campbell!

And Finally there are these beauties. Miista is a really cool company to me, I think they are really different from most companies in the way they think about their shoes. I think their shoes are more about making a statement then following fashion trends. I wouldn't necessarily consider them to be a street ware company, but they are in the middle of street ware and high fashion couture. Their past collection for spring had a lot of the same patterns on the shoe, which kind of looks like crushed paint, but they were able to translate it into several different shoes. From this collection there are 5 shoes that really stand out, which is very rare in my opinion. The red Tara's are my favorite though. I love the heal, I think it is such a cool concept, and they executed it very well. The heel and the base of the shoe are the best color scheme of the 3 shoes. I really want these shoes, so again, when I get the extra money, these will be mine.

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On a musical note: I love Little Drangon, they are definitely one of my favorite bands, This song isn't my favorite, but a friend showed this to me last year, and It is really cool.

DJ Shadow "Scale It Back" ft. Little Dragon from DJ Shadow on Vimeo.

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