Monday, October 28, 2013


Shirt/ Eat End Vintage, Shorts/ Bleached Vintage, Socks/ Target, Shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about beauty. I had a conversation on friday with two other girls and I asked them what they thought was beautiful and what kind of people they were attracted to. One girl told me she thinks beauty is ugly. She is attracted to people that have crooked teeth, who are overweight who have moles, people that are not perfect. She really stressed that she hated "perfect" people. Not in a jealous type of way, she just didn't think that perfection or what society displays as "perfect" was beautiful. In my words what she is saying is perfection is imperfection. The other girl told me that she liked tall awkward people with big noses. Personally I am attracted to people that are individuals and that are unique. Creativity is what I love to see in others. I love people that are unconventionally pretty and tall and lanky.

I think we all agreed that the personality is everything. To be honest though, there is always that first impression. As people we recognize beauty and most of the time that is what gets us interested. Thats not us being shallow, mind you, thats just stating a fact. Once you start talking to the other person it really is all up to the personality. I have talked to people that I thought were the most beautiful people on earth and then I realized that their personality was garbage and it actually changed their appearance in my eyes.

I don't really understand the difference between the people that we all talked about that night and the people that society deems as "perfect". What makes them all seem so "perfect" is they have confidence. All people have flaws and celebrities and models are no different. Those flaws are what make them stand out and they choose to own them rather then to wallow in self pity. It is because they are in the public eye that makes others feel inferior or not beautiful enough. We need to just realize that they are people, just like us. They are perfectly imperfect, just like us.

A lot of what we think is beautiful is a reflection on what we see in ourselves that we like and the rest is what we see in our surroundings. Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am really interested to hear what you, my readers think is beautiful. (Please comment bellow and let me know what you think is beautiful)


Music- Brothertiger, A House of Many Ghosts

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cheetah Girl

Sweater/ Rummage Sale, Pants/ Sun Thrift, Shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell

I think I am slowly getting used to the weather. It's been really nice the past couple of days. I have only had to wear one pair of tights. I used to wear three pairs and two sweaters under a jacket. It is only going to get colder though, so I better prepare. Every time I skype my family they tend to point out how hot it is in Los Angeles and then I get all butt hurt because it rains every day here. I think its more funny then anything.

This picture is one from a shoot that I did on wednesday with the donuts and the ice cream. So of course I have the lovely Rachel Dunlop to thank for this. She is really an amazing photographer, please check out her pages, facebook, Website.

Music- Poolside- Take Me Home

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Donut Talk to Me

Sorry for my absence this past week. Things have been pretty hectic and yet not. I have had class every day this week, but there is a lack of consistency with the times and people in the classes I am going to. for example today I had class at 4:30-6:30 and it was with BA footwear and FDA footwear, but yesterday I had a lecture at 9am to 10am with a whole different course and the day before that there was a class in mid afternoon that had about 10 kids in it. I can't always take a picture of my outfit mostly because of the weather. I'm still trying to figure out this whole living in London thing, I guess. I've been told the weather has been surprisingly good this year, but to my california blood it's been cold and rainy. I am adjusting though! These pictures were taken yesterday for a friends photo project. I don't know what the project was for, but I loved doing it, it was really fun. I also got paid in donuts, which is always a plus. A good way to get my love is giving me sweets, or flowers (but that's pretty obvious).

I am wearing two different outfits in these pictures. The all pink long sleeve dress is from that rummage sale I mentioned in the last post, I absolutely adore it. The other dress I have worn before on my blog. I got it in the Camden Market. It was a really great find, and I still am obsessed with it. The donut necklace I am wearing is from Cyber Dog in Camden Town, and the earrings I got in the market in that area. My headband is actually a real donut, thank god it didn't fall off.

All these pictures were taken by Rachel Dunlop, and please please check out her facebook page here and her website here, she is so talented!

Music- Alley cats, Hot Chip

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Overalls/ Rummage Sale, Shirt/ Goodwill, Undershirt/ Uniqlo, Socks/ Urban Outfitters, Shoes/ Vagabond.

What is it about overalls that makes us feel like girly 6 year olds again? I got these beauties at a rummage sale under a sketchy bridge in London. I went by myself and wasn't very familiar with the area, there also wasn't an address so that made things a little tricky. Someone told me to get off the tube turn left and then another left and then walk to a bridge and that is where the sale is. Sketchy? I followed those directions, but when I got to the bridge I didn't see anything and felt a little on gard. There was a sign pointing down this little alley way next to the bridge and that is where the sale was. I ended up being one of the only ones there, but my oh my what a gem of a sale. There were 20 racks of clothing all second hand, and you picked up a bag (small or large) and you payed 10-20 pounds and you could fill up the bag. I spent 20 and got the large bag, and I got the best stuff. The person that was running the sale was so friendly, he let me slip in some more clothing then the bag would allow. I thought it was so nice of him to do that.

Music: Fidlar- Awkward

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Jumper/ Camden Market, Vest/ Bleached Vintage, Shorts/ American Apparel, Shoes/ Dr. Martens

My hair is grey, but I promise it is intentional. I want to warn everyone that if you plan to go white blonde or some kind of grey, your hair is most likely going to be destroyed. I have been doing the strangest types of treatments to my hair to make it somewhat normal. Last night I poured olive oil on it and slept with it in my hair. This morning I didn't get to wash it all out, because oil and water suck together. So this was my look for the day.

Music- This was sent to me by a friend, and I really love it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Change of Season

The days are getting colder up here and the Californian in me is confused and doesn't know how to dress warm enough. This weekend it dropped to 50 degrees. It feels weird because this is how cold LA gets in the winter time, so I feel like Christmas is going to be any day now. It's weird but it cheers me up whenever I get down. I really do love this time of year, there are so many holidays and a lot of events are happening. It's really exciting!

Over the weekend I met Izzy Barter, a London fashion blogger down at Portabello. She had contacted me on facebook, and it was really great because I was in some desperate need of some kind of friendship. She was so friendly and we got along really well, I am really happy to have met her. For those of you who have never herd of her, her blog is really cool, check it out here.

College the second time around (As I have written so many times before) is a lot different, but I think it is largely me, and my attitude that changed. I spend a lot of time on my own, which bothered me at first, but I think I have so much more respect for it because it forces you to be your own best friend. I think with the invention of the internet teenagers kind of lost their famous "angst" because they could be connected to one another but they gained a whole new level of insecurities because there is so much information that is available to us. We see and meet people online all the time, and you can present yourself however you want because you have time to think about it. People hardly meet organically anymore, and when they do sometimes they are a bit awkward because they don't have the internet wall to hide behind. There is also this need for approval or need for companionship which is unhealthy. I think that we need to learn to be alone and love ourselves for who we really are, and then the companionship that we so desperately seek will come. Thats something I have been thinking about for a while.

I don't want to post this look onto lookbook because I really am not into my hairdo. I got it cut over the weekend because the last time I got it colored they completely fried my hair. The hairstylist cut my bangs way to short, but I am not that upset about it because it's going to look cute when my hair grows out a little bit. I was supposed to be apart of a hair show this past week but after they colored my hair, they said it was to damaged but they offered up a free haircut, so I took it. Hair salons are tricky. I had a really great one back home, and I really need to find that here, because this haircut is not going to happen every again. He didn't even style or blow dry my hair after cutting it, he just scrunched it and let me go, and that is how it turned out. Not into it.

Music- I saw rent for the first time over the weekend and I have had this song stuck in my head ever since. I think its pretty good though. For those of you who don't know, my guilty pleasure is musicals, so theres that.