Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Slip/ SUn Thrift, Jacket/ Rokit, Shoes/ UNIF

This is the last picture from my shoot with Tish Jarrett. I think these are my favorite. I really like the light bleed. I love those kinds of things in pictures, but of course they always look better when your not expecting it to happen.

I got this jacket at Rokit, in shorditch. I really do like that store, but sometimes I wonder how much of the stuff is actually vintage. On sunday a friend and I went into a "Vintage" shop and I swear that they were trying to sell fake vintage at vintage prices. I could tell by the material that was used to make the garment. Frustrating. This slip (that you can hardly see) is from Sun Thrift. For a while I was really into slips, and wearing them as a dress. I think that kind of stuff is really cool because its supposed to be your underwear and your kind of fighting the power and wearing them outside without anything over it. I don't think its such a big deal anymore as it would have been if you did it in the 50s or 60s, but I kind of wish it was. I love shocking clothing. These shoes are my favorite. If you have been a fan of my blog for a while you have seen me post about wanting these shoes for practically all of 2013. I got them for christmas, and I do wear them a lot, but I never get pictures of it. NOW I HAVE SOME!

Music-Don't Fall In Love, Still Corners

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Skirt/ Sun Thrift, Shirt/ Sun Thrift, Shoes/ UNIF

How awesome is this skirt. I have worn it before for my blog, so it may look a bit familiar. I love it. It reminds me of a bad 90s screen saver for a computer. I love shit like that, I think it's funny. I found this and my top at Sun Thrift. I was really lucky to find this shirt. It was for a rather large person, I think, so I took it in and now its a cute little crop top. The shoes are UNIF and definitely one of my favorites. This picture was also shot by the lovely Tish Jarrett, who shot the pictures in the last post. This was probably the portion that reeked the most of piss, but I don't really think my face conveys how bad it smelled.

Music- I'm aquarius, Metronomy

Saturday, March 8, 2014


One Piece/ Omaya Vintage, Shoes/ UNIF

I had my hand in on Monday, so this week has been super lax and boring. I am supposed to write an essay on the history of skate culture as a sub-culture, but I am really at a loss on how to start it. I'll take a couple more days to think about it I guess...

I got to do a shoot with the lovely Tish Jarrett. I have shot with her before, in october. I love her work. We went to this graffiti tunnel by the waterloo tube station. It smelled like piss and paint, but it looked really cool. Thats something I really do love about London (not the piss smell), but the fact that graffiti is celebrated and it isn't really vandalism, it's art. The weather has been pretty decent recently, so I've been able to wear my "cool" clothing (sew stoked). I got this one piece from Omaya Vintage in Paris for about 5 euros. It was such a wonderful find, and I am so excited that I got it. I am usually not one for shoulder pads, but for some odd reason, I love them in this suit. The shoes are from UNIF. They are slaying the shoe game as of late. I love to wear my hair like this, but I always get really weird looks when I do it. I don't really mind it though. I get weird looks every day of my life.

Music- Melondy's Echo Chamber, Quand Vas Tu Rentrer ?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Insta-Update February

February was filled with work, so I didn't get to post a lot :/ Hopefully next month with be more productive.