Saturday, August 31, 2013


A lot more pictures should have been shared, but I kept forgetting to take pictures. Thats something I used to always remember, was to take a picture of something that I thought was fun. I have to remember!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Salvation Mountain p3

Overall top/ Sun Thrift. Skirt/ Sun Thrift. Shoes/ Sun Thrift Glasses/ Giant Vintage Sunglasses

The past couple of days have been super hectic and an emotional roller coaster ride. I moved to London on Tuesday. Even though it's only been a couple days it's felt like weeks. I know I just touched on the move in the last post, so I guess I could go more in to detail. For some reason I can jam more things in one hour over here then back home in America. I have had ups and downs, but each day the downs have gotten less and less. Today I actually didn't really feel upset or home sick which is really cool. It is fairly lonely though, because I have yet to meet some people my age or people that are going to go to my school. I met some really nice younger kids yesterday and they invited me to a surprise party in one of the dorms. Even though I am only 2 years older than most of the people here I still feel a little too old to do some of the stuff they are doing. I think reading this back, it sounds really strange. They all went to a club last night part of this thing called freshers week, which I think is like Greek Week at big name universities but for the UK. It just doesn't really sound like my scene, I'm not saying that I don't like going to clubs or anything because I do, but something about sweaty bros and girls wearing clothing that is really inconvenient for the weather drunk out of their mind dancing to techno music doesn't really sound like something I wanna be a part of. Where is the underground stuff? Thats what I am after, I wanna go to some cool shows or areas. Today one of my Aunts friends, Mel, showed me around an up and coming area. We walked around for I think 2 hours, and it was super nice, she is really welcoming and friendly. I am really happy that I got to meet her, she really showed me a lot today. I can't wait till more people move in so I can meet more people. The dorm is only half full its divided into 4 different blocks, block B is where everyone is living right now because they are all going to Central St. Martins and they start school on Monday. School for me starts on September 24th, so I still have a while to wait (That's also why my block is empty).

Music-Telephone Wires- Mirah

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Roll of America

These pictures are from our family trip to Disneyland. I love Disneyland or really just anything Disney, I feel like I say at least once a day "I wanna go to Disneyland." I decided to rock a pink fro, and everyone thought I was wearing a wig, but alas it was my real hair. Most of my pictures are of my brother doing really weird things.
Lauren and I were going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Santa Monica before I left but we basically didn't get there in time so on our way back we got candy and some drinks to watch a movie at my house. I found these siq Shaq drinks, almost bought one..
This was 90s night at Blue Mondays!
These were from my Mom and Grandma's 50s/70s themed party. My mom turned 50 and my Grandma turned 70. Lauren and Ryan both dressed 70s while I chose to dress 50s.
This is me conquering Salvation Mountain. I wanted to take a picture with my mom but we were the only people there at that time.
This was at Dylan's S&M Birthday party, the second to last day spent in America, and it was sooo fun!
This was Lauren doing an egg trick wrong, so it broke in her hand. This was my last night :(

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Far Far Away

Dress- Sway Chic, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, Shall- Sun Thrift, Umbrella/ Coachella Music Festival

So even though I am posting pictures from Salvation Mountain, I am not in America anymore. I moved to London yesterday. I have really only been here a little over a day, but I am really not loving it. I had a really horrible flight in, my anxiety led me to have a really bad panic attack on the plane and when I actually got to my dorm. I felt really bad, and I couldn't eat because every time I tried I felt like I was going to throw up, up until a little while ago. I went to the doctors today and he couldn't really do much for me except give me advice because I have really only been here for a day. He told me to take it easy and eat some food that I can stomach and talk to people in my dorm because odds are we are all going through very similar things. On the way to the doctors I met a girl on the bus who told me to let life lead and for me not to try and control it. She told me to be more positive because then more positive things will come my way. It makes sense and that is how I used to live my life. I think when you are in a dark place it seems near to impossible to change your thinking. I am home sick, that is for sure, but I am feeling a little bit better than I was yesterday, and apparently it will keep getting better. I think as the weeks press on, I'll slowly start to love London, or even just like it.

Music- I don't really know what to post. Right now music isn't making me feel good and it usually does.. I suppose you could never go wrong with some Daft Punk, Make Love.