Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Far Far Away

Dress- Sway Chic, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, Shall- Sun Thrift, Umbrella/ Coachella Music Festival

So even though I am posting pictures from Salvation Mountain, I am not in America anymore. I moved to London yesterday. I have really only been here a little over a day, but I am really not loving it. I had a really horrible flight in, my anxiety led me to have a really bad panic attack on the plane and when I actually got to my dorm. I felt really bad, and I couldn't eat because every time I tried I felt like I was going to throw up, up until a little while ago. I went to the doctors today and he couldn't really do much for me except give me advice because I have really only been here for a day. He told me to take it easy and eat some food that I can stomach and talk to people in my dorm because odds are we are all going through very similar things. On the way to the doctors I met a girl on the bus who told me to let life lead and for me not to try and control it. She told me to be more positive because then more positive things will come my way. It makes sense and that is how I used to live my life. I think when you are in a dark place it seems near to impossible to change your thinking. I am home sick, that is for sure, but I am feeling a little bit better than I was yesterday, and apparently it will keep getting better. I think as the weeks press on, I'll slowly start to love London, or even just like it.

Music- I don't really know what to post. Right now music isn't making me feel good and it usually does.. I suppose you could never go wrong with some Daft Punk, Make Love.


  1. OMG! I'm totally in love with your dress!! *0*

  2. You look positively elegant! You'll feel better soon, the anxiety takes quite a toll on the body, you're jet-lagged, and hungry. A couple of days you'll be better than ever!

  3. Aaaah! Love your shoes. You know, it will always felt that way for the first time we move. Because you're not very familiar with the environment. Hope you get better soon :)

    by the way, would you mind to gollow me back on bloglovin' and GFC? I will really apreciate it if you do so. Thank you so much :)

    Big hug,
    100% Nerd