Friday, August 30, 2013

Salvation Mountain p3

Overall top/ Sun Thrift. Skirt/ Sun Thrift. Shoes/ Sun Thrift Glasses/ Giant Vintage Sunglasses

The past couple of days have been super hectic and an emotional roller coaster ride. I moved to London on Tuesday. Even though it's only been a couple days it's felt like weeks. I know I just touched on the move in the last post, so I guess I could go more in to detail. For some reason I can jam more things in one hour over here then back home in America. I have had ups and downs, but each day the downs have gotten less and less. Today I actually didn't really feel upset or home sick which is really cool. It is fairly lonely though, because I have yet to meet some people my age or people that are going to go to my school. I met some really nice younger kids yesterday and they invited me to a surprise party in one of the dorms. Even though I am only 2 years older than most of the people here I still feel a little too old to do some of the stuff they are doing. I think reading this back, it sounds really strange. They all went to a club last night part of this thing called freshers week, which I think is like Greek Week at big name universities but for the UK. It just doesn't really sound like my scene, I'm not saying that I don't like going to clubs or anything because I do, but something about sweaty bros and girls wearing clothing that is really inconvenient for the weather drunk out of their mind dancing to techno music doesn't really sound like something I wanna be a part of. Where is the underground stuff? Thats what I am after, I wanna go to some cool shows or areas. Today one of my Aunts friends, Mel, showed me around an up and coming area. We walked around for I think 2 hours, and it was super nice, she is really welcoming and friendly. I am really happy that I got to meet her, she really showed me a lot today. I can't wait till more people move in so I can meet more people. The dorm is only half full its divided into 4 different blocks, block B is where everyone is living right now because they are all going to Central St. Martins and they start school on Monday. School for me starts on September 24th, so I still have a while to wait (That's also why my block is empty).

Music-Telephone Wires- Mirah


  1. Love those sunnies ;)

    New post!

  2. Love the look, and there's plenty of underground stuff in London, it just takes some finding <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better and very cute outfit!

  4. I have those sunnies too! You look adorable love :)

    The Forest Elf's blog

  5. The sunglasses are pure love! Looks like the house of harlow popular style. Great outfit, i love it.