Sunday, August 11, 2013

Artist Spotted: Marina Fini

Hello my lovely readers,
Today I want to tell you about this wonderful artist I have found. I have come across this artist on several different occasions. The first was through Etsy about a year ago when I first created an account and a store. I stumbled upon this store that sold really colorful plastic earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and these really beautiful crystal rings and necklaces (I am really a sucker for that kind of stuff.). All the stuff in this shop was out of my price range being a jobless 19 year old, but I admired the craftsmanship and wished I could own every piece in her shop. The second time I found her was through tumblr, I was going through the reblogs on my dashboard and I saw a picture she had taken (I remembered it from her store.):

I clicked on it and it brought me to her website. Her website was like walking into a candy store. Everything I saw was so colorful and pretty. I discovered that she was much more than a jewelry designer, she is a photographer and she also makes short films. My what a talented person. This last time I stumbled upon her work was just by chance of typing in links in my search bar. My second time around looking through her website I was like, I really need to get the word out about this artist. She is so incredibly talented I highly suggest you check out her website >here<. If your too lazy I am posting my favorite works by her. (prepare to be bombarded with pictures)

Her Jewelry (I want the flower earrings more than anything):
Her Wonderful Photography (Her jewelry is included.):

There are many things that I love about her work, but I think the thing I like the most is the way she styles each model in the pictures. They are all so colorful and they wear clashing patterns so eloquently. I aspire to dress that way one day.

Check out her Etsy store,
Check out her Facebook Page,
Lastly check out her Website,

Thank you for being inspiring and Keep up the good work Marina Fini!


  1. Nice stuff, not too expensive and I love the way she styles her models!

  2. Now I know who make this beautiful jewelry! Thanks for shared! :D

  3. marina is an angel!