Monday, August 19, 2013


Dress/Play Clothes Shoes/ Sun Thrift

Last night was my Mom and my Grandma's birthday party. They had it at this really cool venue (I found for them) called Complete Actors Place. It was a 1950s and 1970s themed party. My gut told me to dress 70s, because it would be so easy and I wouldn't have to buy anything, but the side of my brain that likes to take risks was like, EVERYONE is going to dress 70s, DRESS 50s! So I did. I went to these shops on Magnolia in Burbank a couple of days ago and looked around a bunch of vintage shops, and landed on this dress. I got it from this super awesome store called Play Clothes, they have a great selection of vintage clothing from the 40s to the 80s. Their clothes are a little bit pricey, but all vintage is pricey. = It was labeled 1950s but I think its more of an early 60s dress because of the style and the placement of the zipper. I thought it was beautiful and I wanted to stray away from a costume. I knew that when people thought 50s, they would dress in a poodle skirt, or dress like something you would see in the movie Greece. I wanted to do more of a classy housewife of the 50s (I think I achieved that goal.). Going to all of those stores really made me miss buying authentic vintage pieces. In high school, I was a vintage junky. I was obsessed with the 60s and 70s (I was also a hippy). To bad I don't have enough money for that haha.

Music- In honor of my outfit, I am going to post some music from the 50s. Chuck Berry - Maybellene


  1. The dress is really beautiful!

  2. Hah, you dressed in formal wear, who would have guessed? lol. You look good tho. Hope you had a nice time. PS even tho you look good, a bit of tailoring could improve the fit (that's the trouble with good vintage, it's expensive and then you still need tailoring).

  3. Woww!! the dress is so beautiful!


  4. You look straight out of Mad Men. Amazing find!

    Sex w. Candy

  5. I love how your hair and your piercing keep this outfit from looking too granny-like :)
    The first picture is perfect!



  6. You look different in this outfit! Beautiful! Although grunge is not my style, I personally love your style, it suits you and you look gorgeous.

    Lulu x