Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Shorts/ Sun Thrift, Shoes/ Rose Bowl Flea Market, Shirt/ American Apparel, Turban/Something4you

These pictures were from a couple days ago. I had bought this turban from Something4you a while ago and only wore it once or twice. I really love the turbans and head raps that they sell, they are super affordable and comfortable which in my opinion is the best combination a company can have. I knew I wanted to wear it a couple of days ago I also knew I wanted to wear these awesome new shoes that I got from the Rose Bowl Flea Market this past sunday. Its a mixture of 40s and 70s so I wasn't really sure what to wear with these accessories. I had these pants that have always been to big for me, (but I wear them anyway.) that I got at Sun Thrift. They are red velvet and covered in flowers, right up my alley. whenever I wear them they kind of are drowning on me, so I kind of stopped wearing them for a while. I made the decision to cut them into shorts- I feel like this can either go really well or horribly. Lucky this time I think that I made the right decision. Lastly I put on this wonderful crop top I got at American Apparel a couple of years ago.

Music- Video Killed the Radio Star, Buggles


  1. Love the scarf/wrap/turban. And the glasses. I think my grandma had shoes like that, and that's way back. lol. But you give them new meaning. Love it all!

  2. that song is a freaking classic. love it