Friday, August 23, 2013


Dress/ Sun Thrift, Shoes/ Cheap Monday, Glasses/ Giant Vintage Sunglasses

My moving date is rapidly approaching and I am getting really nervous. Actually I am more nervous then excited. I have met a couple of people online but a lot of them aren't going to my school. I don't really seem to have anything in common with a lot of them which is a little discouraging. I don't really understand why I am putting so much energy into being nervous about moving. I think I am giving it to much power over me (thats never a good thing).

Music- Love will tear us apart- J0y Division


  1. Beautiful! It kind of follows your natural shape, long and lean. Love the hair also!

    It's natural to be worried as a significant life change approaches. But you're going to fashion school, right? Even if you haven't met them yet, there are bound to be many kindred souls there.

    Now, if you were going to the London School of Economics, I'd be very worried about you :-)

  2. I notice that you're a colorful person too :) I love it. It mirrors some happiness.
    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin :) Would you mind to follow back?

    100% Nerd


  3. Love your shoes! <3

  4. Wooow I love this look! It's so bold and daring! Love the colors, love your hair, love the lip color. I'm completely in love with the whole look! :)


  5. you look great! Found you blog on IFB! amazing style! ( )

  6. Joy Division is such a deep and an inspirational band, they are one of my favs.

    Such a cool dress too!

  7. This look is slightly gothic I guess, nice one! :) I read your message from IFB. :)