Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fifty Over Five Clothing

A couple of weeks ago I did the styling for a friend on her photo shoot to launch her clothing company, Fifty Over Five Clothing. Her site is up and running and giving me goosebumps. Her jackets are super cool, one of a kind American Vintage style jackets with patches sewn on the back of the jackets. The patches are screen prints of really awesome artists work such as, Jordan Debney, Derek Perlman (Fucktard), Klaus Maza, Rachel Harris (The Creator), and Emily Bayer (Pixleporn). The line is for men and women, and I really think it looks great on both of them. Check out her store here, its really awesome. The blog portion shows some pictures taken by Derek Perlman (Fucktard) as a life style portion of people wearing the Fifty Over Five Clothing.

These are my favorites:

Favorites from the blog:
Don't forget to check out Fifty Over Five Clothing!


  1. Really cool post! I love the jackets!

  2. Your friend is insane! And the photography is godly too. Awesome job

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