Thursday, October 17, 2013


Overalls/ Rummage Sale, Shirt/ Goodwill, Undershirt/ Uniqlo, Socks/ Urban Outfitters, Shoes/ Vagabond.

What is it about overalls that makes us feel like girly 6 year olds again? I got these beauties at a rummage sale under a sketchy bridge in London. I went by myself and wasn't very familiar with the area, there also wasn't an address so that made things a little tricky. Someone told me to get off the tube turn left and then another left and then walk to a bridge and that is where the sale is. Sketchy? I followed those directions, but when I got to the bridge I didn't see anything and felt a little on gard. There was a sign pointing down this little alley way next to the bridge and that is where the sale was. I ended up being one of the only ones there, but my oh my what a gem of a sale. There were 20 racks of clothing all second hand, and you picked up a bag (small or large) and you payed 10-20 pounds and you could fill up the bag. I spent 20 and got the large bag, and I got the best stuff. The person that was running the sale was so friendly, he let me slip in some more clothing then the bag would allow. I thought it was so nice of him to do that.

Music: Fidlar- Awkward


  1. Found u on lookbook!
    love your vibrant style!
    Following u dear<3

  2. What a cool sale :D
    I really like the "childish" overall in combination with the see-through top, that balances it :)



  3. Perfect! <3

  4. It's fun but I think it is a bit too little girly (sorry but I hope you don't mind if I say what I feel). Looking forward too the next one especially now that you are finding your way around town!