Thursday, October 24, 2013

Donut Talk to Me

Sorry for my absence this past week. Things have been pretty hectic and yet not. I have had class every day this week, but there is a lack of consistency with the times and people in the classes I am going to. for example today I had class at 4:30-6:30 and it was with BA footwear and FDA footwear, but yesterday I had a lecture at 9am to 10am with a whole different course and the day before that there was a class in mid afternoon that had about 10 kids in it. I can't always take a picture of my outfit mostly because of the weather. I'm still trying to figure out this whole living in London thing, I guess. I've been told the weather has been surprisingly good this year, but to my california blood it's been cold and rainy. I am adjusting though! These pictures were taken yesterday for a friends photo project. I don't know what the project was for, but I loved doing it, it was really fun. I also got paid in donuts, which is always a plus. A good way to get my love is giving me sweets, or flowers (but that's pretty obvious).

I am wearing two different outfits in these pictures. The all pink long sleeve dress is from that rummage sale I mentioned in the last post, I absolutely adore it. The other dress I have worn before on my blog. I got it in the Camden Market. It was a really great find, and I still am obsessed with it. The donut necklace I am wearing is from Cyber Dog in Camden Town, and the earrings I got in the market in that area. My headband is actually a real donut, thank god it didn't fall off.

All these pictures were taken by Rachel Dunlop, and please please check out her facebook page here and her website here, she is so talented!

Music- Alley cats, Hot Chip


  1. I love these pictures! The idea with adding the sweets is brilliant

  2. So nice to see you working with a good photog, awesome pix and 'sweet too' :-)

  3. I love it to much to even start to express.

  4. interested in following each other via GFC?
    I will follow you back.