Saturday, May 25, 2013

Close To Me

Vintage red chinese style dress from the goodwill in Oakland. The jacket is also from the goodwill in Oakland. It is a tiny checkered black and red plaid with embroidered indians riding horses. The hat is from Target, and the Shoes from Urban Outfitters.

Two days ago, I didn't really have much to do so I decided to look at Amanda Bynes Twitter account. I really don't think its her. I was talking to my friend Gino last month about it, because it appears that she has gone crazy because she is posting so many unflattering pictures and saying a lot of really weird things. He told me that he thinks it isn't really her. He thinks that someone kidnapped her and hacked her twitter account and is ruining her reputation. With that thought in mind I looked into it and I have to say that I think I am with him on this one. All the pictures she has been posting don't really look like her, or they are really out of focus. Most of them are bad cell phone pictures were she is either wearing sunglasses or the flash is blocking half of her face. She has some paparazzi pictures, but they are all of her blocking her face. I feel like if I walked around Hollywood or New York blocking my face, I would get the attention of the paparazzi. I want to see a professional photo shoot with her or a video interview.. Then I think I will be convinced that this girl on twitter is actually Amanda Bynes. Gino also told me that her lips look like she got collagen injections but they look like they are the same size as her old lips, so why would she get collagen injections to make her lips look the same size. She appears to have gotten a lot of plastic surgery, but she only mentioned that she got a nose job. I call Shenanigans. The shape of her face also changed, and It's not really from any weight gain. Also she couldn't board a plane a couple days ago because she didn't have any identification. She said it's because her licence got suspended, but wouldn't she have a passport, or a regular ID? The whole thing is pretty fishy. All that evidence to me, makes me believe that the girl on twitter isn't really her. However it kind of makes me wonder about where Amanda Bynes would actually be.. And why no one has spoken out about it. If I went missing my family and friends would be all over that. I don't know, I guess you could see how bored I actually was a couple days ago by this paragraph I just wrote.

My brother being silly wearing UNIF..

On a Musical note, The Cure <3

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  1. the dress looks great! love it :) Amanda Bynes is kind of messed up huh?

    Pudding Monster