Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I read a blog today, called Style Rookie, and wow. That girl is so fucking cool, she's still in high school and she got started when she was 11. Her blog is really popular, and it really makes sense. She writes so well, and the stuff she makes really just makes you feel good about yourself. I feel like often times my mind is thinking way to quickly for my body to really react, like somehow my brain is out of my head, seeing things that haven't happened yet. I am always so scrambled. I think the reason why I started this blog is to really feel better about myself, because everyone has those days, where they don't feel cool enough, or good enough, or just enough of something. I think its because we constantly place idol roles on people, so we are trying to live up to an expectation that we have of our selves, and when we don't live up to our own expectation it doesn't make us feel good. Everyone is just human, and it isn't really the best thing to do, to look up to people, because everyone is unique and special in many different ways. However I think this is just one of the many things that make us human, even though sometimes we can feel like we are loosing our minds, it's kind of beautiful. I'm not really sure if that makes sense.. But I was reading her blog, and I was so into her style and her whole I don't give a fuck attitude, and it made me kind of reflect on myself. I like to say (and think) That I don't really care what other people think about me, but sometimes I do care about the perception of others, and it doesn't materialize in the way that people think it would. I don't really care if people think that I am weird or anything, because I think being weird is really cool, and it makes you really interesting and somewhat fun. I guess the way I care about others perception is kind of like I want people to want to get to know me, because they think I am cool or something (or weird, who cares!) I want followers on my blog. Sometimes we crave attention, but I think there is positive and negative types, and believe me, I don't want any negative attention. If you don't like my style or the stuff I write about, guess what? You don't have to follow me, or even be friends with me.. The freedom of choice is yours. Another thing that The girl on Style Rookie talked about was how women are kind of perceived to be crazy, and she said its because they have characters in movies that are considered to be really strong characters because they use their sexuality to get what they want or get farther in the world, and they are very one dimensional. People in general are not one dimensional and I think women get really kind of mad at them selves for not being one dimensional, because we are more complicated then that. Human beings are crazy, so because women are human they are crazy. I thought it was such a good way of talking about a feminist concept. I have thought about that before, but I don't really think that I could really put it as nicely as she did. In my own experience, with fashion I think a lot of women are trying to be sexy to turn men on. So thats why when you go out to clubs, you see women wearing heels that they can't really walk in, super tiny skirts, and tight tops that show your tummy, even though its like, 50 degrees outside. I think it is kind of ingrained in our head, that we need to be sexy for the opposite sex (or whoever you are attracted too) and there is such a one sided view of what sexy is. When I go out, I put on stuff that I think looks sexy, and trust me, you wont see me in a fucking mini skirt without tights when its fucking 50 degrees outside...

These pictures are from January, we all went to a mask party in Hollywood, it was kind of lame, but the pictures are pretty alright.

On a musical note: dis song


  1. I love your outfits, and oh!! I read about Style Rookie too, it's awesome!!

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  3. Hey I like ur header !! Anw, is that tattoo on ur hand ?? Nice one! <3

    1. Thank you! and yes, its a stupid skull tattoo that I did myself, but since its on my hand, half of it came off. But I still really do love it.