Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Jacket DIY Camo Peace jacket. Thrift store white shirt. T.U.K. white creepers.

I am currently contemplating getting a tattoo on my arm. At first I was thinking of getting Fearless because I feel like I do live in fear a lot, but I thought that I might look at that in a couple years and just think that it was stupid. I feel kind of ify about word tattoos because I feel like I really like the way it looks when people have tattoos of sayings or phrases, but I feel like more often then not, whatever the phase says is just super lame. I am thinking now that I should get Love is all there is, or All you need is love. I really do feel like if everyone was loved at least once, they wouldn't have so many problems. People are complex, but I really do believe that Love is something that everyone needs. To love and to be loved is the most wonderful and the most awful feeling in the world. I feel that I have kind of a cynical view on life and love sometimes, so if I got this tattooed, it could just remind me to not be so cynical. It also isn't just a simple phrase, it was sung by The Beatles! I don't really know very many people who don't love The Beatles, so as I imagine this tattoo is very popular. I think if I can get something else out of these worlds, besides The Beatles sang it and I love The Beatles, then It doesn't really matter that it is really popular. It is unique on me, because I get something else out of it. Just a thought...

On a Musical Note: I am going to share the original Beatles song and then a scene from Across the Universe. I really loved that movie, and I think they re-did a lot of the Beatles songs beautifully. Having said that, I don't think they are as good as the originals, but they are good...


  1. Love your jacket! I'm obsessed with camo lately.. been wearing it heaps.

    And your hairstyle brings back so many memories for me! I practically wore that zig-zag hair part every day when I was younger :) Such a cute hair style.


  2. It's better than I would excepted