Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beavis and Butt-Head Buddies

So whats up guys? I wore this yesturday and for some reason never really got around to posting it.. I think I was just watching Lost. Actually though in the night My brother and I drove up the crest with my friends Nick and Lauren. Sometimes we just do that when we don't really have anything else to do. We all also don't always have money. (More like we don't have money at the same time.) I am probably the worst with money, I will buy new shoes or clothes when I really shouldn't... But I can't help it, it makes me happier haha.. I don't have a steady job at the moment, I take care of my great grandma for $200 a month and I sell clothing but so far this month I haven't sold anything. Actually ever since coachella I haven't sold anything. Its a bummer because before than I was selling a lot and making $$$ monies. I think business will pick up soon though, I really need it to. The vest I am wearing is actually one of the items I make and sell on my Etsy store. If you haven't checked it out before you really should, its super cool. I'll post the link at the bottom. The dress I am wearing I got at this really cool vintage store in Long Beach called La Bomba Vintage. Every like 3rd sunday or something (not exactly sure on the date) They have this huge pile in the back of the store, everything in it is like a dollar- five, people go there really early and dive in.. Litterally, people are submerged in this huge pile of clothing. You kind of have to dig but, I have found the best pieces of clothing in that pile. I find that there is always better vintage in beach cities. My shoes are from Sun Thrift, I am obsessed with them. My friend Lauren was going to buy them, but I guess she thought she would barely wear them, so I snagged them, and I wear them all the time.

Link for the vest:

My friend lauren being super cute at froyo:
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On a Musical note, The new Daft Punk album was streaming yesturday, What? Its tight, really groovy..

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