Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So I finally got these shoes! I saved up for like 2 weeks, and It would have taken me longer to save up, but I actually sold some shirts in the past week, so that brought in some extra money. I got them Memorial day weekend, so there was a 30% off deal which just made it that much better. They came in the mail on Tuesday (yesterday) and I was so stoked, I really wanted to wear them right away, but they smelt soooo bad. It was weird how bad they smelled. It smelt like food that has been smoked mixed with burning rubber. I scrubbed them with soap and water, and they still smelled just as bad, so I left them outside for the rest of the day and night. This morning they still kind of smelled but, I wore them anyway. Despite the smell, They are really comfortable, and cute. They are 4 inches tall, so that makes me like 6'1. Today I was taller then everyone passed. Normally that kind of bothers me, but not today! I am a sucker for platforms, even though I am already pretty tall. My leggings are actually something I stole from my moms closet, and just never gave back. She has definitely noticed their disappearance, but hasn't really said anything other then "Hey! Those are mine!" The shirt is something that I found at Sun Thrift in the Winter. It was designed for a large woman, but I took in the sides and the bottom to make it into a small crop top. The sleeves turned out a bit wonky, but I think its okay. The necklace I got on TOBI, and its one of my favorites. I think has some really great deals on jewelry. I'm not really a big fan of the clothing they sell, but their jewelry is very cheap but the quality is very great. Also you can get something like 50% off your first purchase if you sign in with facebook, so thats pretty cool. I love wearing beanies, I got this one at Sport Chalet, for like 7 bucks, and I literally wear it like every day. I guess thats the part of Oakland that rubbed off on me. If you have never been to Oakland, go.. Its great.

Musical Note: Baauer, I wanted to post the song Swerve but for some reason I couldn't find it. Dum Dum


  1. The shoes are perfect!!
    I love it when shoes make me taller, because I'm not that tall.
    Great outfit :)



  2. LoooooOOOOVE this look! The shoes are hecka fabulous, something the inner-daredevil in me would love to give a go! Even though being tall already kinda makes me self-conscious...
    I also really like the way you posed in this post, lying on the floor and crouching down are really interesting ways to showcase your outfit whilst also showcasing your personality, which is awesome :)

    Cool beans.

    Nat xox