Monday, February 17, 2014

Wildwood Flower

Dress/ Meow Vintage, Jacket/ Omaya Vintage, Scarf/ H&M, Shoes/ Dr. Martens, Jewelry/ Vinca

These are the earrings I wrote about in the last post. I really love the way these look. I am a sucker for colorful plastic jewelry... and unicorns... It's actually kind of funny, unicorns used to freak me out. I was legitimately afraid of unicorns and then one day I saw a really colorful painted portrait of a unicorn and I couldn't stop laughing. Ever since then, I've been into unicorns. Once again, I got these earrings from Vinca USA. They are really awesome, PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT (Here.)! My dress is from Meow Vintage in Long Beach. When I was in high school I was super into 60s vintage, and I used to drive all the way down to Long Beach to go shopping. On 4th street in Long Beach, they have a huge variety of really awesome vintage stores. It's a bit pricey, but if you want quality vintage clothing, it's worth a trip. Vintage clothing is always better by the beach. This jacket I just recently got at Omaya Vintage in Paris. That shop was really awesome and it had really great prices, I walked away with this beauty for under 20 euros.

I went blonde, but I ran out of bleach so my hair still has some pink in it, but I think I might leave it that way. I think it looks kind of interesting. We'll see..

Music- I haven't actively been looking for new music like I usually do, so I don't really have any new songs to post, but I'll play an oldie but goody that has been in my mind lately.