Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So almost a year ago, on instagram, I found out about Mamadoux. I loved all the stuff that they would post. All the pictures were so beautiful and I really loved how colorful and different all the clothing was. It kind of had this 90s nostalgic , rave culture vibe going on. They still don't really sell their clothing on a lot of clothing sites, they actually only have their stuff on The Cobra Shop, but they only have like 5 things listed. I emailed them asking about buying some of their clothes. I would love one of their leotards or a skirt, or both depending on the pricing. Check them out they are seriously awesome.

The Cobra Shop


  1. I came across this store a few months ago on the cobra shop aswell! I love their stuff a lot. And yeah it´s hard to shop their items, they should really open up a store for themselves.

  2. Urgh that lilac mermaid hair is to die for! xXx