Monday, July 22, 2013

Nu Shues

Music- Marvin Gaye- Got to Give it up. I know this seems a little weird, (or at least I feel weird doing it) but my friend told me that I should put the music before everything else because then you can get the whole experience. et me know what you think.

Not much has happened the past couple days. I've still been house/dog sitting. Im still kind of bummed that I had to do it over the weekend, but whatever today it my last day. I am glad that I had some pictures stored up on computer of outfits so I would have something to do though. This picture was taken a little bit before I left for camp. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to post it because my hair is a little out of control, but I guess I'm just going to post it. I got these really awesome shoes off of etsy for like 70 bucks, and Im super stoked on them, they are really wonderful. A tad uncomfortable but they just need to be broken in. This dress I got at H+M a couple years ago. I don't really wear it that often anymore, but I decided to do something different, to match the shoes. The shirt is from American Apparel, they are very good for some nice place shirts, skirts and pants. One of the necklaces I am wearing was found deep in my closet, its kind of strange because it wont just lay flat.

Oh and the last thing, I also created a facebook page, (I know, kind of douchey) but its for my blog, I would love it if any of you guys that actually read my blog would like it. Check it out!


  1. I love your hair!


  2. Since you asked for an opinion I'll give you mine since I always have one lol. I'd keep the music at the bottom (I do think the music thing in general is a great idea tho since it's about what you like) cuz this is a fashion blog not a music blog. Maybe some people will love your taste in clothes but not in music.

  3. looooveeee your hairrr :)

  4. What a great idea to knot the dress at the bottom to show off those sweet shoes! I may have to try that trick :)