Friday, July 19, 2013

Soak it up

I haven't been on blogger for a while. Oh how I've missed it! So let me tell you whats been going on. I went to a summer camp to be a camp advisor. I know what your thinking, it doesn't really seem like something I would do, and I agree. It was for a church that my mom goes to, I hadn't gone to that church since I was 18 and I don't really believe in it, but I understand the morals and agree with them. So I decided to go, because I felt like I could get a lot out of it and I felt like I had a lot to give. The camp was up by Idlewild, and unless you have been living under a rock for the past five days, you would know there is a crazy wild fire a-burnin up there. I am pretty afraid of fire, so as soon as I found out about it I wanted to leave. The camp actually wasn't that bad it was nice, some of the advisors where actually really fucking rude to me for no good reason. Let me just say something, a lot of the advisors are adults, not like 20-25 like adult adults (30-60) it's weird. So 2 days ago now (wednesday) we got evacuated because the smoke was becoming harmful, and apparently the fire had turned around and was headed in our direction. We were instructed to take only our valuable things, so I put on all the clothes that I had brought, because I am a freak about my clothing. I literally wore 2 pairs of pants a skirt 2 shirts and overalls and a vest, and I put the rest in a small backpack that I had brought. We then went on busses to Hemet High School and we had to sleep on the floor with a bunch of teenagers. It wasn't the best experience, but we got a bunch of food which was awesome, and I am so grateful for the red cross for taking care of us. After that we went to a church in Palm Desert were they tried to finnish the camp, but ultimately it ended 2 days early. So I am home now, there is so much more to the camp experience that I had that I just don't feel like writing about, but I am so happy that I am home and get to sleep in my own bed. However, now I have to dog sit so I cant go out this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my few readers posted on my outfits though!

The dress is a favorite of mine. Its just the right amount of tacky. I got it in Oakland at Goodwill, and I had to take it in, because it was made for someone much larger. I really love the way it looks. The image on the material is of a cow with a kiss mark on their butt. I am not wearing shoes because we went to the beach (before I left for camp). The shoes I am holding however are Ego and Greed. I have blogged about them before, but incase you were wondering I got them at wasteland in San Francisco on my last visit.

Music: Soak it up- Houses


  1. I love your hair !! how did you do that ?

    1. I dyed it blue and then throught washing it this is what happened

  2. That cow print dress is adorable.