Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I don't even...What?

Gino lookin super cute at the Mother Turf 4th of July party

My Nobody LA Care Package <3

Cool Floor bro..

Molesting TED

My attempt at trying to win the UNIF moody's

Drunk Bitches at the beach

Our super cool sand castle

Donut Slut

Being cold and needing patterns

When I was a camp councilor, and I led a really cool art project for my cabin!

The reason our camp got evacuated

Art work at the high school our camp got evacuated to

Me and my High School buddies.


This tho...

Skate Rat

Barrett being naked..

Derek and Lola lerkin at the 50/5 shoot.

Original nintendo at Blue Mondays

The Downtown La Flea Market.. Yeah thats a bat, we hangin


Faith Picozzi at the 50/5 shoot

Venice beach with my cousins

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