Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Shirt/ DIY cut crop top Skirt/ American Apparel Suspenders/ Hot Topic Shoes/ UNIF Cross Trainer Highs

The past couple days I have had many different thoughts going in and out of my head. I have been thinking a lot about moving, and I don't think I really have a fear about it anymore. I actually can't wait to leave. There is nothing for me at home anymore. When I think about moving I just get this warm excited feeling in my stomach, I feel like my adult life is going to begin when I move. However right now, I am still stuck here. While I am still here, I have been trying to spend as much time with the people I love, and do the things that I will miss the most about California, or just America in general. I have been thinking a lot about clothing as well, because I have to think about what I want to pack to move and what I want to keep here. What I have realized is, I don't have very many colorful articles of clothing anymore. I think thats annoying and I miss being super colorful, SO expect a bunch of color from me in the next couple of days!

A big thing that I have been thinking about is the content I post on this blog (Its always in the back of my mind). Someone on IFB pointed out to me that most fashion blogs post only OOTD posts and a lot of them get monotonous. I really agree but I think the blogs that I really like, it is because I personally like the bloggers and think they are interesting. So to me I like that they post OOTD looks, but they also post other things. Lately I haven't posted anything other than OOTD looks, so I think I want to post other kinds of content, so you (my readers) can get a better understanding of who I am as a person I guess. I have been reading a lot of other blogs and thinking of taking aspects of them that I really love and applying them to my blog. (My favorite blogs are under my blog roll page on this blog if your interested.) In the next couple days I am going to be posting a lot of other interesting stuff that have to do with fashion, but it wont necessarily be stuff that I am wearing. Please let me know what you think, I love feed back from my readers, because this is all for you guys!

Music- Phantogram- As far as I can See


  1. I love those UNIF shoes. I've been lusting over amost everything UNIF recently so these are just fueling my desire.

    I'm moving in a few weeks (not out of the country, just out of my parents) so I understand perfectly about the warm butterfly feeling. It's excitement and anticipation. I'm moving to San Jose (eventually, probably with in 5 years) and that makes me excited beyond belief.


    1. Thats awesome, congrats, are you moving out of your home state? If your going to college there thats going to be super fun, I went to college up in Oakland for a year and then took a year off. It super wonderful leaving home for college because you are growing as an individual and you kind of create your own life away from home. Its super awesome. But coming home blows!

  2. Hi, Love your style. You can really work those shoes out. I think I would never dare to wear them, I'm too short and I wouldn't rock them out the way you do. Great style and great blog too.


  3. You know I read that article too today:) While I agree with having diversity, I love to visit blogs with ootd posts. And I love the skirt you are wearing

  4. Damn, I'm about to move and I feel the same thing. When I first started thinking about moving out and having to struggle to get what I want I was scared as hell, but now I see there's not much more for me to do in my country (Brazil) and that's starting to drive me crazy and making me counting the days to leave. I'm gonna move to Cali, LA to be more specific and you want to move from Cali, that was funny, me wanting to move to your place and you wanting to leave your place.

    I do agree most of the blogger are only posting OOTD posts that's kinda boring cause we can't connect.

    By the way, I adored your blog and your boldness in pic and clothes. Gonna keep coming back.

    1. Thank you so much! Thats so awesome that your moving to LA, I've lived in LA my whole life, you'll love it here. There is so much to do downtown and LA is really big so there are so many different things you can do down here. If you need any advice about living here, just ask! I really appreciate you reading what I wrote, I think a lot of people just skim the writing and look at the pictures.

  5. WOW stunning shoes !! I wouldn´t wear them but still find a lot of style in your look

    XX Luba

    Ruffle skirt and lace shoes in my look today on


  6. You look simply amazing, hun ^__^

    Many kisses,



  7. Hey there, I can see people skipping the writing cuz you always look so amazing! lol. I like OOTD, it's not about OOTD being boring in and of itself, it's about finding the bloggers that really have the amazing sense of style that you feel in tune with and staying with them. Some people never get monotonous even if they don't say a word to go with their OOTD.

    Anyway IIRC you are going to London, right? I wouldn't pack too too much, there are fabulous vintage stores there and I bet you will make your own look pretty quickly.

    I came from a pretty abusive background, and I left home as soon as I was able, which was 15-1/2. It worked out well and I never looked back. So I know exactly your feeling of excitement that you are leaving, there's nothing like leaving home (even if your parents are great as yours seem to be) and getting out into the world and being free to do your own thing. Of course as I'm sure your parents have told you, with freedom comes responsibility cuz there's nothing worse than having to slink back home and listen to people say 'I told you so'. But you seem very well centered and I am sure you will do just fine.

    1. Thank you so much Denton, I appreciate your feed back! I did come home for a year after being away at college and its not cool being back, Im sooo excited to leave!

  8. i agree, its tough to just post ootd and keep it interesting, there a few blogs i read that manage it though. i like to mix things up with some lifestyle and music posts. i love this little outfit, the suspenders are so cool!