Monday, September 16, 2013


Skirt/ Beyond Retro, Socks/ Target Shoes/ Vagabond, Sweater/ Hanes, Shirt/ American Apparel

So this is the reason why I am sick today. I went out yesterday with my new friend Justin from Texas. We went down to Brick Lane because on Sunday'd they have a short of flea market. It was really very cool, I found a lot of really cool stuff, but only ended up buying a 2 pound watch and a faux fur coat for 15 pounds. I wasn't appropriately dressed for the weather in London because rain. We were walking around and it was only about 58 degrees and then it spontaneously started to rain. I guess that is just London though. We were both a little bit ill prepared and we ended up getting a cold.

Today this cold has knocked me on my ass. I have been so lazy and not productive. I have literally just been lying around and watching the office. Hopefully this is just a 24 hour bug, because Enrollment is on wednesday and I need to be at my best.

Music- Best Coast, Dreaming My Life Away


  1. Plaid is one of the Winter musts! I love your skirt! :D

  2. Great blog! I love your style! Plaid is def in this fall!

  3. I'm obsessed with your clothes and your hair, you have the best fashion im in love with it. And your hair is perfect. You have such A nice blog