Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mirror Mirror

Dress/ Sun Thrift, Glasses/ Halloween Shop, Shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace/ TOBI.com

So I have been having this really uncomfortable thought recently. It is the thought that I am just too different from everyone else. I have been in London for a week today and I haven't really made any friends or seen anyone really who looks like they would want to be friends with me. People are very friendly, they come up to me and talk a little but, but thats as far as it goes. It's just some small talk. I am trying hard to be positive and for the most part I am being pretty positive but some times it ways down on me not knowing anyone. I am not particularly shy, I can really keep a conversation going, but it really only works I think if the other person is putting effort in the conversation. I have never really cared what other people thought of me, but I think some times when your all alone and you don't really have the support of your friends or family, you kind of feel a little bit uncomfortable. It's not that I really care what anyone else is thinking because I really like the way I dress and the way I act, but I guess I am just super bummed that no one likes the same kind of stuff that I like. I think sometimes we just want to fit in instead of standing out, even though I know I would benefit so much more from standing out and being myself than conforming and wishing that I could be myself. There are just some thoughts that run through my head sometimes that are really unsettling like, What if I don't find any friends, or what if I am too weird, or what if no guy ever thinks I am attractive and whats to go out with me? However after I have those thoughts I am like Fuck that! I love who I am, I think I am super friendly, talented, smart and interesting and if I don't find anyone to be friends with or to date it's not a big deal because I like me. One of my favorite bloggers, Lights Drive my Soul, wrote about this a couple of days ago and I swear she read my mind. She put it a lot better then I did, but this is me, and this is the way I write!

Music- Whore- Fidlar

FIDLAR - "Whore" on Last Call with Carson Daly from ashley wilson on Vimeo.


  1. Hey I'm a Londoner. I've lived here my whole life and the city is so diverse and while we're in the midst of a hipster invasion (especially in East London (Hackney) where I live) I think it's literally impossible to be too weird for London. I've definitely seen people who have a similar style to you and every day I see people who stand out. As long as you never compromise who you are, there'll be people wanting to get to know you


  2. You will do all those things you want to do and you will meet people that are as interesting as you but maybe not this week :-)

  3. You are super awesome - so I wouldn't worry! :)

  4. Hey Girl! I got your message via ifb, and I absolutely love your blog. This is so unique and your style is amazing. I'm really enjoying your blog! Check out my blog if you would like, I recently posted some fall fashion as well as a little bit of rock and roll history!


    xo jackie

  5. First of all love the outfit. And you should style your hair like that more often it looks sooo nice on you! Second, London is a big big big city! Trust me you'll find someone who likes the same things that you do :) It's just a question of time. Hope you don't feel down, you seem like an awesome person!


  6. Love the necklace and the photos!

  7. Your blog and style are great - thank you for sending your link to me!
    Keep it up!


  8. I nominated you for a leibster award! http://kimrosary.blogspot.com/2013/09/liebster-awards.html

  9. booooaahhhhh! love your blog!
    thank god i fould you !

    i am following now via bloglovin!