Sunday, September 8, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Felisha Tolentino

So if you read the Nastygal Blog as religiously as I do, your familiar with Felisha Tolentino. Felisha is a photographer that photographs for clothing companies and certain bands. She is one of the exclusive photographers on the Nastygal blog, she takes pictures at events that their team goes to and she also photographs models for their lookbook shoots. I really love her style of photographer because it reminds me of my own. Of course she is a lot better then I am at photography, but the ideas behind what she is doing is a lot like the ideas that I have. I decided to write about Felisha because a couple of days ago I was looking at the Nastygal blog and I was feeling kind of down, but looking at her pictures from FYF made me feel so much better strangely enough. I have gathered together a collection of pictures from her Website and from the Nastygal Blog, so there is a mixture of work from clothing companies Lookbooks to random party pictures. Prepare for a photo overload...

Her Website is
and also check her out on the Nastygal Blog.