Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Glimpse Into My Brain

These are some snaps from my sketchbook. I started this sketchbook in 2011 When I started going to California College of the Arts. It isn't filled up or really even finished, but I think looking at someone's sketch book is highly personal. You are going to be able to see into my mind.

It was a really interesting process taking pictures of these pages in my book. I took a picture of all of the pages, but I felt like a lot of them aren't good enough to show anyone yet. I think going through the book in person feels a lot different then looking at pictures. I feel like looking at the pictures I have taken I am able to look through someone else's eyes and I can see what I want to add or change. I think it's really appropriate that I ended my post with the page that says my biggest flaw. I definitely take myself way too seriously.


  1. they are all so amazing, you are art.

  2. Am amazing record and you shouldn't change anything! Even as you move on in life it's great to look back and see where you were at a particular time. Something that will get harder to figure out in the digital era.

  3. i love looking back at old journals and sketchbooks :). You are really good at drawing!