Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good Vibrations

Floral Couch, Come home with me.

Elvis Wallpaper

Gotta get on that hair game, Pastels.

<3 Boys with long hair <3

Unicorn Tattoos, or just temporary tattoos in general

Pink double decker bus, because everything is better when it is pink.

Embroidering funny things, I'm working on a gem, should be finished soonish.

Roots, or half and half hair


A bread suitcase, something I need more of in my life.


I have no words

Colorful backgrounds/ Patterned clothing/ Beautiful hair cuts.

I lyke her tattoos

Healthy food, I need more of in my life.

This outfit.

Breakfast. Yes. I need.

Does this really need me to describe it?

Qt colleagues

Things that don't belong, but look so good.

Images via tumblr

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  1. Great inspirations :D