Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Parisian Ponytail

Pants/ Portabello Market, Shoes/ Etsy, Sweater/ Borrowed, Longer Sweater/ Burbank Vintage, Head Scarf/ Portabello Market

The past couple of weeks the weather in London has really taken a dive and it is only going to get worse... (insert worried emoji). It makes me look forward to going back home for winter break, and I was already really looking forward to it. It's actually really strange how much I am looking forward to winter break. I don't really remember feeling that way the last time I went away, but then again I guess I wasn't really that far to begin with.

I am so excited to see my family, I miss them dearly. I wish that I could come back for thanksgiving because it's my favorite holiday, but of course they don't celebrate that in England. A lot of English people don't even know what it is (or at least some of the ones that I have talked to). I don't blame them though, there are English holiday's that I have never herd of. One just passed actually. It was yesterday, it was a day to remember the day that Guy Fawkes almost blew up parliament. So there are fireworks and apparently the have a bonfire to burn a fake Guy Fawkes. It's pretty interesting, but I had to much work to really participate in it.

That was a really random tangent.. Back to what I was saying..

My family. I cannot wait to see my mom and my brother and my dad. I can't wait to get special mom hugs. That's something that is really lacking in my life right now, the hug. I think it's something that a lot of us don't really do very much anymore and it's something that is really taken for granted. We should never underestimate the power of a hug. It can easily make everyone feel so much better. Ahh I can't wait to feel the love of my family. I think that's the thing I am looking forward to the most. Not Christmas, not seeing my friends, not the weather but just that love.

Music- Caged Animals- Girls on Medication


  1. Luv ur style gurl <3

  2. You look so cute in these pics! I love the green cardigan

  3. so amazing! great to see you smile. don;t under-estimate how great it is to have a loving family like you do!

  4. LOVE everything going on in your look. Such easy, humorous chic!

    My parents are overseas, too. We used to be across the US from one another, but now they're in another country, which makes the distance feel so vast. I'm excited to go home and get those much needed, soul-resetting hugs too! Hang in there and remind yourself of the things that give you that great huggy feeling inside. :)

    Btw, that music vid has perhaps the best selective desaturation I've ever seen. Lolz.