Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving bb

Dress/Karma Clothing, Shoes/ Urban Outfitters, Jacket/ Brick Lane Market.

Let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am sorry for being MIA for the past 2 weeks, school is coming to an end for the holidays [Thank God!] so I have had a month of finals hell. It's almost over though, just one more week and I am finally done. I wish I was in LA to celebrate with my family, but I am super thankful that I have skype and a computer so I can at least talk to them on this wonderful holiday.
Something that I am also really thankful for it this dress that I am wearing. Karma Clothing was so generous to send me it to me. The weather may be shitty in London, but this dress's scenery warms me up! I strongly suggest that you look into their inventory on their site. They have a bunch of really awesome clothing for really affordable prices. Here are a few of my other picks:

Check them out here. Music- License to Drive, Work Drugs


  1. I love that your wearing such a bright, tropical print in winter. Also, do people in the UK celebrate thanksgiving?

  2. Such a happy outfit! Love that 'Eyes' wrap!

  3. That dress is so pretty! You look lovely

  4. I'm agree with others, the dress is beautiful!