Sunday, June 2, 2013

Make Music With Me

We went to Make Music Pasadena, yesterday. It was okay.. I guess. I think this year was kind of wack, I didn't go there until like 5 because I had to do an online training thing to be a camp advisor. We saw a friend of a friends band, and they were pretty cool. I don't exactly know their name, but they were good, and they are under the record label Mother Turf. I got a new camera, so this was me messing around with it. I don't know how comfortable I feel with digital photography. I feel like I take pictures of more things because I can, but I feel like the magic isn't there. With film, I think about what I want to take pictures of so much more, or they are just spontaneous and funny. I love every picture I take with my little point and shoot film camera. Digital, I am not completely sold yet.

The outfit I am wearing is pretty much all jems I found from different thrift stores. The shirt is one of my favorites, I got it in Oakland, and It doesn't fit properly, and I have been to lazy to take it in, so I just safety pin that shit. The shirt I think I found at Sun Thrift. I really enjoy mesh shirts, and I think its super cool that they are coming into style again. Super 90s, and as you can tell by my other posts, I luh the 90s. The Bralette I am wearing I made for Coachella, but didn't really get any pictures of me wearing it. I love that thing, but I feel like sometimes it makes my tiny boobs like a little science fiction, which it kinda strange, But I dig it. The hat I am wearing belongs to my brother Ryan, he let me borrow it. I gave it to him for his birthday last year when he turned 17, and he wears it a lot. Personally I don't really like when girls wear snap backs, because I feel like it looks kind of dumb, but I was feeling it yesterday so I just went with it. The shoes are UNIF <3 I am still so happy about them. Sometimes I wear them around the house with pajamas, because I can't get enough off them.

Moar pix!

Finished off the Day. Walking to the Car with Ryan dressed in Altamont. On a Musical Note: The Perfect Summer Bummer Song: Youth Lagoon, July


  1. Love this outfit so much, both tops are great! Thriftshop finds are the best :)