Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jersey Girl

Summer time is such a drag right now. It's really hot and boring. I am really not into it. All my friends are working so I don't really have much to do during the day time. It would be nice to have a full time job, but my move date is approaching quickly, so getting a job wouldn't really be easy/worth my time. Some days are really good and I feel super productive but then there are others where I feel like a slug that just lays around. I really can't wait to leave. This outfit is inspired by the new sporty fashion trend. Jerseys are kind of cool, I kind of wanted one that is a little bit longer so it could look like a dress, but sometimes oversized things don't look that great on me. I got this jersey at Sun Thrift, It is another thing that I will be selling on my etsy site in the upcoming weeks, so I will keep you posted about that. The skirt is my moms, I stole all her black skirts because its something that my closet is really lacking (I should really get my own). I decided to wear my gold chain, because I think it completed the outfit. I love wearing beanies, but this time I kind of took a different approach to wearing it. Usually I wear it with the bottom folded up, but I saw this on a Nastygal look with a model wearing a UNIF jersey and I liked it, so I tried it. My shoes are UNIF, and I am still obsessed with them. My purse was actually an old lunch box that I had had when I was young, and I turned it into a purse but adding a strap to it. I really like wearing it.

On a musical note: Michael Jackson died 4 years ago on the 25th of June. I know that was a couple days ago, but I want to honor it still by posting some Michael Jackson: