Friday, June 14, 2013

Ryan's Graduation/ Dork

This is what I wore to my brother's High School Graduation yesterday. I got this sick bucket hat at Spot Chalet for like 12.99. It was strange, when we went in there not only were the employees rude and annoying but all the bucket hats were like 40 bucks.. It was so strange, I had to dig to find this one.. and luckily it was the dorkiest one. The dress I am wearing is my moms, I stole it from her closet before we left. She didn't really say anything though.. I am wearing white T.U.K. creepers with little baby black hello kitty socks. I didn't really want to wear socks with this outfit, but it was actually pretty hot yesterday, so I kind of had to. I know a lot of people think thats gross, but I don't care haha. The ring I am wearing I got from H&M, it was only like 5$ so that was pretty cool. I never really liked that store until I went to London. The store in London is SO MUCH BETTER then the one here, its actually really strange.

Lauren and Ryan, being silly!

That was Ryan's Cap for graduation. He let me paint it for him. I was disappointed though, because from where my family was sitting you couldn't see what his cap said. I also realized that I didn't take a picture with me and ryan on my camera... My grandma took one on her phone, and I took one with my film camera, So I can't post it for a couple days... Bogus..


  1. Hi! I just found your blog on lookbook, and I decided to check out more pictures, because I loved your shoes and also found the sentence "No Students Allowed In This Building" very funny.
    Your blog is adorable and you take great pictures.
    I joined your site.
    Greetings from Brazil

  2. the helly kitty case is so cute! and love your white creepers! xo Mady