Saturday, June 8, 2013


There are so many graduations this time of year. My cousin graduated 8th grade yesterday from Lady of Malibu Middle school. It so exciting that he is going to move on to High School! He has grown into a very great individual. My family and I went to this after party at the house of the people that created Blowfish shoes, and It was really very nice. They had wonderful food and they also own a winery, so there was a bunch of wine. It was supposed to be a swim party, but Malibu is pretty cold when it isn't like the middle of summer. It was foggy and cold, so I just sat by the pool. I wore this really wonderful forrest green poncho that I think was meant for a very large woman. I got it as Sun Thrift for like 3$, a great find if you ask me. Underneath I am wearing a black skin tight velvet dress that actually belongs to a friend of mine. (I should really give it back) The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I got them for my graduation from high school two years ago. I don't get to wear them that often because I am to tall to just wear heels casually and It seems that after high school I don't really have places to go where I am required to dress up. The socks I am wearing I got at Urban Outfitters. Not a huge fan of their clothing because I think its trying to look like one-of-a-kind thrift clothing, but its mass produced and expensive. The stuff that isn't "Urban Renewal" is pretty cheaply made which is kind of annoying. I noticed that they started to sell UNIF clothing though, and I know their stuff isn't cheaply made. So I guess they are improving? After all of the graduation stuff my brother picked up a friend and went to the tail end of a party in our home town. When we got there everyone was leaving to go to a high school party (I really don't like high school parties, they were fun when you were in high school, but they aren't fun anymore). Everyone that was left at the party we went to was either throwing up or passed out (well, kind of). We ended up changing the scenery and we went to a different party, it was also kinda strange. There was a fight for no good reason. I guess thats just how parties from my home town are now. It was an interesting end to the night I guess. We'll see what today brings!

On a Musical Note: Tycho is one of my favorite artists. I have seen him like two or three times. This song is called Hours and the video is from "Tree of Life". This song makes me feel like anything is possible. luh it

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