Sunday, June 16, 2013


So today is fathers day, and I will post some old pictures like I did for mothers day later today. This is what I wore yesterday. I didn't have enough time to post it because I had a lot to do. I went to Sephora yesterday with my mom to get a present for my step dad and then we went to the movies to get a present for my dad. (My mom got me some new lip stick when we went to Sephora, SCORE!) When I got home I had to rush and get everything ready because I was going to go the the Hollywood Forever Park to see "The Princess Bride" and it was wonderful. That movie is really one of my favorites. The man that plays Westley is so goddamn hot. After the movie I went to Bar Sinister in Hollywood because my dad was If I would have remembered I was going to go there after, I would have dressed more goth. 2 days ago I got a new hair cut, and I got my roots bleached. So this is my new hair style. I had short bangs before and didn't really like them, but I think now they are kind of cute. I am planning to dye my hair either pastel pink or pastel blue really soon, so thats why my hair is so light. Well anyway, on to my outfit? I decided to clash floral patterns yesterday. The shirt I have had for a while, I never really wear it because it is very big for me, and it doesn't really always look good. I tied it in the back to make it a bit tighter yesterday. The skirt I got at Jet rag in Hollywood. Its a great place to go on sundays if your looking for cheap clothes. They have piles and piles of clothing and everything is a dollar but you kind of have to fight for it. The skirt had to have the elastic replaced, because it was really old, and the skirt was to big for me, but I loved the pattern. The flower crown I had made for Coachella, and I am happy that I have actually worn it outside of Coachella. I think it really completed my floral look yesterday. Lastly I am wearing the first pair of Dr. Martens I have ever got. They have been through the ringer but they are still kickin.

On a musical note: I love Best Coast. They sing about Love in their first album, but I feel like the way they sing about it is so accurate and relatable. I mean a lot of songs are like that, but for some reason Best Coast is more relatable.


  1. I appreciate your organility

  2. Damn girl. Your style is honestly amazing. You kind of inspire me to step out of my dark colours box and go with something more colourful and flowery like this. Keep doing what you are doing, you are easily my favourite blog.