Friday, December 6, 2013

Last day of Term

Pants/ Beyond Retro, Shirt/ Rummage Sale, Jacket/ Sun Thrift, Shoes/ T.u.k.

Today was the last day of my first term at LCF! Whoohoo! I'm thrilled to be done because that means the holidays are here and I get to go home and see my family! So much exclamations.

Lets talk about this outfit.
These pants were probably one of the best investments I have made since I have moved here. They are wool and on really cold days like this, they keep me warm and of course they are plaid. You can never go wrong with plaid. never. One of my favorite things to do with plaid is mixing it with floral designs, like this jacket. This jacket is a bit to short for me, but it fits my shoulders (which is hard to do). It is velvet and super itchy on the inside. Truthfully, it's a hassle and I don't really like to wear it, but today I needed to. The shirt I got from the rummage sale a couple of months ago in east London. A lot of the clothes were stained there (not in a gross way, but in a painters way) and this shirt, I found out this morning is one of them. I know that sounds kind of odd, but when I originally bought it, I thought it was pink, but now I think it was white, but it was washed with something that was pink, and it got pink-ified. Lastly this outfit is complete with my creepers. I have warn these near to death, they are kind of falling apart, but they still get me from point A to point B. Thats the important part.

Music- Plastic Flowers, Silence (new favorite band)


  1. That blazer is gorgeous!

    And, congrats on surviving the term!

  2. I love that combo floral and plaid combo, so unconventional and it works!! :)


  3. Looove this combinantion. You're stunning

    big hug,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  4. you look fantastic! this mixing of patterns lookd really good and interesting! and the band is cool, i think i'll listen to more songs by them~

    weirdoland -

  5. Congrats on finishing your first term! I think most people can definitely go wrong with plaid lol. But not you! Great outfit. Love the story about the shirt!