Thursday, May 8, 2014

One Year

On the 5th of may marked one year of me having this blog. My my how far its come in just one year. This past year I have see many changes in my life and I am so thankful that I had this forum to talk about what has been happening. The good and the bad. Thank you so much to my lovely readers for taking part in this experience. I cannot wait to see what this next year brings.

Left-May 5, 2013. Right- April 30, 2014.
Now aside from my sappy note, also on the 5th I was interviewed by Cage City which is a really awesome clothing website that is based out of London. They sell a lot of clothing from Evil Twin, Minkpink, Finders Keepers, Style Stalker to their own brand, Cage City. Something I love about Cage City is they sell new designers clothing. People that are just starting out or have just graduated from college. I was fortunate enough to go down to the studio and try some of their clothing on. I flocked to the new designer stuff. It was all furry and pink, which I'm all about.

Make sure you check out their post on Cage City Meets. Don't forget to check out their clothing selection as well. It's wonderful!

Music-I have been overly obsessing with this song.


  1. Happy blogiversary!
    I love that cagecity jumper

  2. Ooh I love these pictures. That sheer pink skirt is gorgeous!
    Tiana x